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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Honeymoon Camie on the home stretch 

I'm just about there. As of this morning I have only to knit the I-cord shoulder straps on the camie and its done (well that, and remove all the cat-hair that's built up from Scamper snuggling during our knitting sessions). I'm holding my breath that it's not too short afterall; as I wrote earlier, I don't have the belly to be playing peek-a-boo anymore, so I'd knit in an extra inch. I'm afraid that that extra inch wasn't enough however (a row-gauge problem??). Perhaps I'll write Julia and suggest she add more dimentions to her schematic to assist with that issue. Not much longer and it's done!!

Also, tonight is the Yarn Harlot's book signing at Willow Books at 7 PM. Can't wait! I only hope to get there before 6:45 while there still might be a seat. We'll see! Check it out!

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