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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Heavenly Bliss 

Last night I blocked the newly completed pieces of the Debbie Bliss Modified baby sweater & it looks great! All the recalculations to accomodate the chunky yarn worked smoothly on this minimalist sweater, and it'll be a cute one. I'm aiming to seam this project by the end of the holiday weekend if not before as I'm too excited to see the final result. I think I'll be making one for both Isaac and Ollie with a modified neckline including a buttoned shoulder to accomodate my very fat-headed children, so they don't outgrow them so quickly. Very basic, very cute!

Now, do I make another, or just start knitting hats & booties as fast as possible to keep up with the upcoming births??

On the work front, Praecis had a massive layoff on Friday http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=prcs&d=v1. It was truly a black Friday here as we lingered in our respective departments, waiting to see if our name is next on the list. Now that the amputations are done, those few of us who are left are stuck with the aftermath of grief and bitterness. I worry about who else will be leaving us shortly.

Finally, my father called on Saturday morning to tell me that Nana died Friday night. The funeral arrangements have been made for Thursday and Friday. I am so sad, of course, to say goodbye to one of the steadfast forces of goodness in my life. I'm even more worried for my father who has borne more over the past couple of years than any human should bear in a lifetime.

I think I'll knit a prayer shawl next in memory of this time of my life. That's one of the comforts I've found in knitting, that each piece I create becomes a journal of my life. The taupe sweater encompasses my graduation through the birth of my children. My fuchia pair of toe-up magic loop socks were made during my leave with Ollie, and will forever remind me of my special time with both children that summer. Of course there are several pieces I've made as gifts of love to commemorate the births of babies within my circle of friends. Each one has a story, and is made with great care for the giftee. I think that is the essence of knitting that keeps me coming back. Now I can knit my first piece representing some of the sadness in this time of my life, and wrap myself in it as a reminder of the cycles of life in times when comfort is hard to be found.
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