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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Little O goes girly 

After yesterday's Little O story, I just had to write a note on watching my little girl grow up. She's already becoming a clothes horse! Maybe a month ago I went to the store and picked up a few spring things for the kids' wardrobe. When Ollie saw the bag on the table at the front entry, and realized there were clothes for her in it, she started pawing through the bag. Everytime she found something for her, she'd struggle to her feet (like only a 19 mo old could) and wrap the whole shirt around her neck like a boa, then turn and smile at me, saying, "Ollie's shirt". She was having a ball! At Easter she wore her new little Easter dress to Grammy's house for dinner. When she got there & took off her coat, I told her to show Grammy her pretty new dress, and she did little pirouettes for Grammy, round and round to show it off, her chubby arms out to her sides to show the dress in it's full glory. You've never seen a bigger smile! Then just yesterday, I had bought Ollie a new pair of sneakers. Very plain, white sneakers & none of us had made much of a fuss over them, since they weren't much different than her last pair. But when she got to Grammy's that morning, she started stomping her feet, running in place to tell Grammy she had a new pair of shoes that she liked VERY MUCH. She even told Grammy they helped her run fast!

My sweet little girl!
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