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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Little O goes girly 

After yesterday's Little O story, I just had to write a note on watching my little girl grow up. She's already becoming a clothes horse! Maybe a month ago I went to the store and picked up a few spring things for the kids' wardrobe. When Ollie saw the bag on the table at the front entry, and realized there were clothes for her in it, she started pawing through the bag. Everytime she found something for her, she'd struggle to her feet (like only a 19 mo old could) and wrap the whole shirt around her neck like a boa, then turn and smile at me, saying, "Ollie's shirt". She was having a ball! At Easter she wore her new little Easter dress to Grammy's house for dinner. When she got there & took off her coat, I told her to show Grammy her pretty new dress, and she did little pirouettes for Grammy, round and round to show it off, her chubby arms out to her sides to show the dress in it's full glory. You've never seen a bigger smile! Then just yesterday, I had bought Ollie a new pair of sneakers. Very plain, white sneakers & none of us had made much of a fuss over them, since they weren't much different than her last pair. But when she got to Grammy's that morning, she started stomping her feet, running in place to tell Grammy she had a new pair of shoes that she liked VERY MUCH. She even told Grammy they helped her run fast!

My sweet little girl!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Oh me, Oh my! 

Have I been delinquent or what??

It has been a busy winter full of fiber fun, and yet I didn't even post once. First, here's a list of completed projects:

Hat and scarf set for me, LB Thick&Quick in Fisherman.
-Very basic, very comfy. Self-designed.
Hat and neck muff for little O in LB Thick&Quick fuscia.
-The sweetest little, self-designed hat with a knotted top. I just love it!
Finished the 10 YO cabled sweater from grad-school (Finally!).
-Turned out to be a men's large with sleeves modified to fit. Self-designed. My favorite!
Cabled bulky-weight sweater (Zar One, wine color)
-Heartbreak of the year. Great yarn, sweater fits, but the gauge of the pattern is too large for the yarn, despite the manufacturer's directions. The neckline is misshapen too. From Winter 2004 Knit it! magazine #21?? I think I'll be ripping this one out in the fall, and making something else out of it. Special ordered the yarn with much ado about receiving/paying for it as well. It just wasn't meant to be.

Current projects:

Pair of socks for me from Sockatta cotton-wool blend yarn, self-striping in blues, purple and grey.
-Yummy yarn-5 stars! Commuter knitting, although I'm hung up on finishing the gussets of this first one. CO 7 st, toe-up. Increased to 52 st for foot. Added 13 st for each gusset & followed CH&T directions for general pattern. Seem to be skewed 2 st extra on one gusset than the other as I'm decreasing the gussets & haven't figured it out. Will resolve or overlook when I pick up this project again. Haven't decided. Clover bamboo 7"? DPN size 2. 7st/in. Deferred to project #2.

Honeymoon Cami in Stahl sche Wolle "Bingo" 58% cotton, 32%viscose, 10% acryllic, color: 1702 L/N: 108919 Black
-A silky, glossy cotton blend with unexpected slubs every 2 feet or so. A smoother yarn would do better service to the cami, esp. the twisted ribbing, but it still looks great, highly textured & interesting, esp. in stst. Just finishing the increases. The bottom portion went quickly. The plain stst is getting boring. Looking forward to the upcoming shaping. A couple of solid nights' work should wrap things up! Can't wait to try it on! Bottom was cast on for the 34" size, adjusted pattern decreases to fit the 23" waist & continue to the 32" bust. Added bits of length in the waist to minimize belly-button peek-a-boo. Knit on Addi Turbo, 24" #5?. Intentionally tighter gauge than suggested to achieve a less-sheer fabric (need to confirm st gauge, 11 rows/2 in). Love the fabric density now - will have to test in the finished product for fit (thus followed the 34" CO to make sure it'll fit over hips with jeans).

That's all for now. I've got my eyes on a Peace Fleace cardigan come fall. I've also ordered several yarns from Ebay which need a project:

Maybe a sweater for Little O: "This lot contains 4 skeins totaling 330gms (11.6 ounces) of wool singles plied with Cotton single that have all been randomly hand dyed purple. The effect of this combination was that the wool dyed and the cotton took on a rose colour. This is a bulky (lofty) yarn." Paid ca. $15 with S/H.


A close-fitting cabled-pullover for me: "73% cotton, 16% silk, 7% linen 5% nylon. 4- 4oz skeins. 150 yards per skein. Needle size #10 gauge 3 1/2 sts per inch (knitters) This is a beautiful hand dyed yarn from Santa Fe. Combed cotton in a rosey pink, with a darker rose thread twisted around the shaft. Very soft, high quality." I was so pleased when I got this. Paid $35ish for it.

I'm trying to build up a stash as I'm building up my knitting momentum and on several occassions have found nights to myself without yarn to knit anything. What knitter can say that!!

Patterns I'm checking out: Rogue, Everyday Cardi, and several from skinnyrabbit.com.

Also, lots of babies coming soon. I'd love to knit for them all, but check out the list:

Bonnie: anytime
Jamie&Scott: end of June
The Flewellings
The Fifields: Oct
The Hellings: Oct
April: Oct 1st

I think I will try something for the Fifields, but it might have to wait until the baby's born, since they don't know the sex. I'd like to do something for the Helling's since it's their first. I might pass on knitting for Bonnie due to the SnB competition :). I'll have to find out more info from the others to make better plans.

That's the download!!

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