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Monday, October 04, 2004

Weekend in Review 

Briefly, Friday we celebrated at the Outback (previously mentioned!) and Sat we were supposed to meet with Sandra, Ken and Evan to go to Verrill Farm (www.verrillfarm.com) for a hayride and pumping picking. However that morning Sandra called and said she and Evan were sick, not to mention that the skies were overcast and dismal. We postponed those plans and really just stuck around the house. We read books, played and snuggled. Ollie and I went to the library while Isaac went with Grammy and Grampy to Aunt Becky's house with takeout pizza. I just love seeing Isaac get so excited to see Becky - no inhibitions or reservations & he's happy to sit beside her and eat pizza together. Meanwhile Ollie and looked through the Debbie Bliss books with different agendas. She was checking out the other babies on each page, while I snuck an extra long peek at all the patterns. If only I had more time, I'd knit them all! But with such a fine gauge (relatively speaking, as 4/in is my limit these days!!) there's not much hope of that.
So that was our Sat, with an oil change and a cup of java with homebaked biscotti thrown in.

Sun we headed up to the Deerfield Fair, and spent afterhours at the Fifields with the Lessards too, watching the Patriots, running up and down the stairs as each child took their turn crying for Mommy, and fitting in a bit of work on the sleeves of the-sweater-that-never-ends. Unfortunately this morning I found a dropped stitch and consequently a funky crossover as payment for the minimal attention.

More later!
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