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Friday, October 08, 2004

quick update 

I am squeezing in this posting just to tell one little story. The night before my birthday, while fixing dinner, I was feeding Ollie in her highchair while I cooked. Somehow we were getting silly and I taught her how to toast and say "Cheers!" while clinking glasses. She caught on after the first try, and now sweet little baby-girl toasts me between every sip at the dinner table ever since!

Another tough week down at work, and I finally begin my blessed parttime schedule. I'm supposed to meet with Sandra tonight for coffee and girl talk, if the kids cooperate. We'll see!

More later!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Weekend in Review 

Briefly, Friday we celebrated at the Outback (previously mentioned!) and Sat we were supposed to meet with Sandra, Ken and Evan to go to Verrill Farm (www.verrillfarm.com) for a hayride and pumping picking. However that morning Sandra called and said she and Evan were sick, not to mention that the skies were overcast and dismal. We postponed those plans and really just stuck around the house. We read books, played and snuggled. Ollie and I went to the library while Isaac went with Grammy and Grampy to Aunt Becky's house with takeout pizza. I just love seeing Isaac get so excited to see Becky - no inhibitions or reservations & he's happy to sit beside her and eat pizza together. Meanwhile Ollie and looked through the Debbie Bliss books with different agendas. She was checking out the other babies on each page, while I snuck an extra long peek at all the patterns. If only I had more time, I'd knit them all! But with such a fine gauge (relatively speaking, as 4/in is my limit these days!!) there's not much hope of that.
So that was our Sat, with an oil change and a cup of java with homebaked biscotti thrown in.

Sun we headed up to the Deerfield Fair, and spent afterhours at the Fifields with the Lessards too, watching the Patriots, running up and down the stairs as each child took their turn crying for Mommy, and fitting in a bit of work on the sleeves of the-sweater-that-never-ends. Unfortunately this morning I found a dropped stitch and consequently a funky crossover as payment for the minimal attention.

More later!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Birthday celebrations 

More catching up to do, but here's last night's adventure first. To celebrate the successful season at the nursery we all went out to the Outback (my how our taste in restaurants has changed since having kids!). Jim and I met Jim's parents & the kids there. When we drove up, they were all sitting outside waiting for us, and when the kids saw us they junped out of their seats waving and cheering (such fanfare!). Poor Ollie lost her balance and did a bellyflop of the sidewalk in her enthusiasm. The kids did great at dinner except that it lasted too long - everyone has their limits!

Afterwards we came back to our house for cake and icecream - Jim had picked up the most beautiful chocolate & whipped cream cake. Yummy! The kids had such a ball singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles that we did it twice :). Isaac ate almost all of the chocolate coin garnishes off the top and was buzzing for the next 2 hours.

More later!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Catch Up 

I've decided to add more non-knitting commentary, as my life is so full of wonderful daily events between kids, home and work, I really want it all committed to cyberspace before the memories fade.

This week has been so busy and for the better; after a month in purgatory, I received word at work that I can change to a 4-day, 34 h/week schedule with only minor inconvenience to all. This change will be such a blessing to my sanity, and all the extra time I'll be able to devote to the kids. Ollie and Isaac will only be young once. I hate to miss a minute!

Here's one of my infinite, precious kiddie stories I have to share that happened earlier this week. I got up early on Thurs, and was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when I casually glanced out the window into the backyard. I watched with secret pleasure as 5 deer cautiously came out of the woods into the yard, obviously looking for food. One was very young, much smaller than the 4 other females. I watched quietly with wonder for a few seconds then decided to check and see if Isaac was awake yet - he'd just love to see them. Turns out my cute little man was wide awake, curled up in fetal position in his bed, just lingering and waiting for someone else to get up first. I peeked around the corner and he gave me his million-dollar smile, so I hurriedly pulled him out of bed to show him the deer. He was a little bewildered, but once he saw the animals he was captivated. We watched silently, then he began to ask questions: what are they doing? Why are they eating your garden, Mommy? (my answer: It's okay Isaac. Mommy will share with the deer). I knew Jim was awake, listening in to our conversation; I told Isaac to go get Daddy to show him too. Isaac comes back, Daddy in tow and says, "Look Daddy at all the deer!". Jim says, "Yes Isaac, they're eating the gardens." Isaac: "That's OK, Mommy said we could share (OOPS)". Daddy says, "Isaac, lets scare them away so they don't keep coming back." So they open up the window, and Isaac yells in his sweet little-boy voice "Go Away Deer!". They all stop grazing and wondering to look up at us. There's silence from both parties. Prompted, Isaac yells again, "Go Away Deer". And with that they all took off into the woods and the moment was over. Ollie started crying, alerting us that she too was awake and wanted to see what was going on. Today a sleepy little Isaac woke up and whispered, "Mommy, lets go look at the deer...". I was sad to say they didn't come back this morning.

Back to work.

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