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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Time to celebrate!

I just this afternoon during my lunchhour finished the last seed-stitch on Little O's purple cardigan! All that's left is to wash, block, zip together the side seams, finish the neckband, add buttons, and weave in the loose ends. Wait a minute, I thought I was nearly done!! None the less I have a great high going from the sense of accomplishment. Not much longer now and she'll be wearing it.

Last night was my knitting night out. Of course I didn't get much done in the way of *my* knitting, but I managed to help a fellow knitter work through her first turned heel & sent her on her way to decrease the fresh gusset stitches on her first sock (another sigh of satisfaction!). I also wrote up my class description for the Magic Loop class I'll be teaching next month - funny I had been agonizing over composing this concise little paragraph (I'm a scientist, not a writer!), yet at 9 PM last night, with Little O dangling in one arm and my knitting bag slung in the crook of my other arm I was able to scratch down the perfect pitch in line at the LYS checkout. Looking forward to seeing the turnout. Time to practice the kitchner!!

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