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Thursday, February 19, 2004


I am pleased to announce that the cardigan is done. I found the most precious pewter buttons with little dragonflies stamped on each. My mission during knitting night was to select and sew on the buttons, and weave in all the ends. That's about all I got done, but that was enough! I took pix this morning, but have to figure out how to link them here.

I've knit a few more rounds on Sweet I's socks. Another 2 inches and I'll tie in the waste yarn for the afterthought heel. Thinking about doing a German Toe on it, and give the students an option to avoid the kitchner stitch. We'll see how it comes out first. Then I suppose I ought to write it up - Look who's becoming a designer, like it or not! Just because I can't follow a pattern myself! :) I tell you with all the wonderful knitting sites, the internet is so inspirational - a perfect balance to my science work all day long.

Still waiting for Crazy Heels and Toes to arrive at the LYS, Woolpack Yarn
Hopefully it will come in by Sat so I can bring it with me on vacation...
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