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Friday, February 13, 2004

Okay, having recently completed the knitting portion of the cardigan (yes, I still have all the finish work ahead of me) my fingers were itching for another project. And I happen to have two beautiful skeins of Schoeller + Stahl Limbo yarn #2538 (100% superwash wool in a heavily verigated dark rainbow colorway. My sweet 2 YO son had picked it out at Christmas time so, "Mama make me socks". Now I have the class coming up, I have to find a way to teach the first few cast-on rows for 2 socks on a single circ. It's complicated enough when you're an experienced knitter familiar with the technique, so I expect it to be an overwhelming process to many of my students. I'm already chanting the mantra, "Persevere, persevere!". I've decided to have them cast on for the 2 socks linearly, knit the first 4 rows flat, then set them up for 2-sock circular knitting from there. I got the circular-format caston working for this pair, but I think most students would walkout if I had them try it right away.

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