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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Just a few ends to weave in and 4 buttons to sew on and Little O's cardi is done. And I love it already! All my knitting this weekend focused on sewing up the seams and finishing the neckline on this sweater. I'll do the weaving tonight and sew on some buttons on Wed when I go to the shop.

Next project? Get ready for school! I'll be starting up a couple of pairs of socks to demonstrate with for the class in 2 weeks. I'd like to finish a pair as a model, and get another on the needles to demonstrate the Afterthought Heel in progress. I'm tempted to even get a third or forth pair going as hands-on demonstrations of the Magic Loop technique - let the students knit a couple of rounds to get the feel on a pair of socks in progress. Just like most projects, the beginning is the hardest part. If they know what they are aiming for, the process will make a whole lot more sense and seem less overwhelming. Fun stuff!

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