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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Isn't it funny how you can work steadily on a project for days and feel like you're not making any progress, then all of a sudden - POOF!- the project is nearly done. I've been struggling with Little O's cardi - working on it at every odd moment I've had, but never for an hour or more at a time. Last night I doublechecked my progress, and it's about time to add the bottom hem already!! I'm tempted to add on a little extra length so it will fit her a little longer. On the other hand, I can easily rip off the hem when she outgrows it and add an extra inch then. Hm. Knitting night at the Woolpack tonight; I'll ask around and get a concensus on the matter.

Another revelation last night. I'm a regular reader of "Wendy Knits!" (an amazing blog for those of you who haven't discovered it yet!)and she had mentioned how she was going to steampress her current sweater-in-progress as it was curling uncontrollably while she was knitting & driving her crazy. Wouldn't you know, this one-piece sweater I'm working on has been so infuriating to carry around, because with all the attached appendages the fabric has rolled into a twisted knot which I continually have to wrestle with while trying to knit my simple stockinette stitch. I have been dreaming of the day it was complete & I could block and press it flat - don't ask me why I hadn't thought of pressing it while it was on the needles! So I pulled out my trusty new steam iron last night and pressed it. Oh Joy! I now have the most beautiful piece of handknit fabric hanging straight and true from my silver Addis as I finish up the last of the hem. So much easier to manipulate, so much more pleasant to pull out of my knitting bag and work with! I can't wait to finish it now. Pictures soon, I promise!
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